Projects Announced at 10mc Nov 21 Launch Event

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The right to shelter is among the most basic rights of every child. As winter approaches, more than 7 Million flood victims are still without adequate shelter.10mc will support the construction of innovative, cost effective housing solutions as partof our initiative to restore hope

First Project: Build Homes as part of HDF Model Village’s adopted after extensive flood damage.

Cost of One Home: $1800

HDF model village features include, efficient sewerage & sanitation, Paved Streets, Street Lights, a children’s park, a community health center, primary and secondary schools and will have alternative energy features such as bio-gas plants and solar pumps.


More than 10,000 schools have been damaged by the floods. Many of the schools that are still intact are being used as shelter. 10mc is committed to protecting children’s right to education through
the re-construction of schools damaged by the floods.

First Project: Rebuild 4 Schools in Mardan
Rebuilding Cost: $21,520
Operating Cost: $2,152 (3 Years)
Total Cost: $23,672 will Rebuild 4 Schools and provide Primary Education to 300+ Students for 3 years.

HDF schools feature a philosophy of community participation and tolerance, English beginning in kindergarten, activity-based learning, and special attention to female students.


Prevalent in the region even before the floods, the prevention of malnutrition is key in stopping the spread of debilitating disease. 10mc will combat the food shortage and contaminated water through the distribution of specially designed food packs for at risk children.

First Project: Distribute Basic Nutrition Packages (BNP)

$200 will provide BNP’s to an at risk child between the ages of 1-5 for 3 months

$215 will provide BNP’s to an at risk child between the ages of 5-15 for 3 months

BNP’s include items such as Milk, Pediasure, Honey,Eggs, Cerelac, Noodles, vitamin supplements and water purification tablets.