About The Initiative


According to UNICEF, 10 MILLION CHILDREN are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance, time is of the essence in delivering lifesaving supplies.

These Children are lacking basic needs like food and shelter.  They are at risk of waterborne disease at a time where access to health care is minimal.  Malnutrition is rampant at a time when food is scarce. The destruction has ensured that of those that do survive, many will have no schools or homes to go back to.

The 10 Million Children Initiative is a Call to Action to the global community to create awareness, help provide urgent assistance, and preserve the rights of the children affected by this disaster by empowering them and their families through both immediate relief efforts and the sustainable rehabilitation of their lives.

We Believe That Every Child has

  • the right to survive
  • the right to an education
  • the right to health care
  • the right to develop to the fullest
  • the right to not be separated from family
  • the right to be free from discrimination
  • the right to be protected from violence
  • the right to shelter
  • the right to sanitation
  • the right to religious freedom
  • the right to be a part of a family
  • the right to freedom of expression


The 10 Million Children Initiative will focus on