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The flood disaster is the largest humanitarian crisis the world has ever seen. The 20 Million+ people affected exceed the numbers in the 2004 Tsunami, the Haiti Earthquake and 2005 Kashmir earthquake combined. As the waters begin to recede homelessness, disease, hunger and despair will remain.

The 10 Million Children Initiative is a Call to Action to the global community to create awareness, help provide urgent assistance, and preserve the rights of the children affected by this disaster by empowering them and their families through both immediate relief efforts and the sustainable rehabilitation of their lives.


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The 10 Million Children Initiative Focuses On

More than 10,000 schools have been damaged by the floods. Many of the schools that are still intact are being used as shelter. 10mc is committed to protecting children's right to education with innovative emergency solutions and the reconstruction of permanent schools
The right to shelter is one of the most basic rights of every child. Unfortunately, more than 7 Million flood victims are still without adequate shelter as winter approaches. We plan to support the construction of innovative, cost effective housing solutions as part of our initiative to restore hope
Prevalent in the region even before the floods, the prevention of malnutrition is key in stopping the spread of debilitating disease. 10mc will combat the food shortage and contaminated water through water purification and the distribution of specially designed food packs for at risk children